Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders can be devastating to the individual in the family.  In general there are three basic eating disorders but as with all illnesses there is a range of symptoms and severity.  Here at Red Skye we treat all forms of eating disorders for people age 10 and older.


Anorexia Nervosa is the eating disorder that is most commonly thought of when think about eating issues.  This disorder is best described as the thinness disorder.

Symptoms include:

Weight below 15% of normal body weight or    <17 BMI

Refusal to eat to gain or sustain

Distorted body image

Loss of menstruation (in women)



Bulimia Nervosa the most common eating disorder involves a pattern of behavior.

Bingeing (eating a large amount of food while losing control)

Purging that food (vomiting, laxatives or exercise)

Disorted body image



Binge Eating Disorder and newly recognized disorder has similar symptoms to Bulimia.

Binge eating (large amount of food losing control)

No purge behavior but a pattern of restriction then bingeing is common


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