Claire Wiseman Ph.D.


Claire Wiseman, PHD, is an Assistant Clinical Professor at Yale University Medical School and a Licensed Clinical Psychologist. For more than twenty years, she has guided individuals and groups through the challenges of a broad range of mental health issues.

Dr. Wiseman is a Cum Laude graduate of Cornell, with a BA in Psychology. She attended American University in Washington, D.C. where she earned a Masters in Social Psychology and a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. She served as an intern and later received a Post-Doctoral Fellowship from the Yale University.

Dr. Wiseman has held a variety of academic positions, including assistant professor at Cornell Medical School and Trinity College, and remains on the clinical faculty at the Yale Medical School.   These positions have broadened her perspective and expanded the number of treatment modalities she is able to combine to help her clients.

As a nationally published author of scientific papers and chapters in the area of eating and related disorders, she has an exceptional theoretical base for her therapy, which allows her to understand her clients on a deeper level.

Dr. Wiseman became EAGALA certified in 2007 which allowed her to be a part of an international organization with strict certification criteria insuring consistent treatment. They also provide resources for the practitioner which are a critical part of insuring excellence in delivery of treatment.

By combining her passion for animals with her clinical psychology credentials, Dr. Wiseman creates a unique, supportive environment for psychotherapy and team building. She is forward thinking, and has successfully incorporated her therapy dog “Phoebe” into her work for the past seven years. Her expertise and recent collaboration with Equine specialist Niki Cogliano has created a unique therapeutic approach that is short-term and effective.

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